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[audio]La Cantina del Geek-Inauguración - Javier Pastrana
Bienvenido a la Cantina más famosa de Mos Eisley
Keywords: gadgets
Downloads: 155
John's Little Gadget Shop provides you cheapest and most competitive price range for all the little gadgets for your mobile phones,ipads and smart phones.
Keywords: gadgets
Downloads: 10
[audio]The Random Gadget Shop Promotional Audio
Promo audio for the mens and girls gadget store http://therandomgadgetshop.com/ the place for the latest and coolest gadgets. Visit: http://leopard-print-bedding.com  
Keywords: gadgets; mens gadgets; girl gadgets
Downloads: 6
http://Www.therandomgadgetshop.com/Everyone who wants electronic products and are involved with complex associated works would wish to buy gadgets the moment they're released. But among these maximum of them don't understand how to obtain the latest edition of APPCONTROL gadgets.
Downloads: 3
[audio]Uber Odd Geek Pod#4 - Tobias Theobald
Episdoe 4 of the uberoddgeekpod
Keywords: gadgets podcast
Downloads: 21
[audio]evolucion sonica - juan manuel dominguez
primer podcast evolucion sonica
Keywords: gadgets tecnologia
Downloads: 33
Http://therandomgadgetshop.com/Several web ads guarantee FREE GADGETS including an iPod, iPhone or Xbox for completing what's needed and enrolling with their site. Nevertheless, several are on the web cons and I encourage everybody else to be alert all the time.
Downloads: 5
[unknown]Usenet groups within free.gadgets from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "free.gadgets", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: free.gadgets
Downloads: 35
http://therandomgadgetshop.com/Shopping is both pure bliss or pain, based on who you ask. Aside from which part of the range you're, Android natural application device can help you cut costs and allow a more effective shopper to you have grown to be.
Downloads: 4
Keywords: technolgy; latest gadgets
Downloads: 2
[audio]Gamer's Edge - Justin Gerard Justin Poritzky
Keywords: Gadgets; Games; Tech
Downloads: 1,293
[audio]thEndUsr Episode 4: Robot Orangatang Hacking Lasers from Space with David Bowie - thEndUsr
Talking patent squabbles, e readers, ACTA, hacking orangatangs
Keywords: thendusr; podcast; technology; gadgets
Downloads: 37
[texts]Wire - robb
wired for sound
Keywords: wires and gadgets
Downloads: 36
[audio]CuarteCom_Programa633 - Cuarte.Com - El Cibergallinero
Programa Numero 33 de la Sexta Temporada de Cuarte.com - El cibergallinero
Keywords: gadgets; internet; movil
Downloads: 5,870
[audio]thEndUsr Episode 2 Much Ado about Google's Schwartz - Chris Barnes, Charlie Metal
Charlie and Chris talk about google, HTML 5, congress stagnation and beer.
Keywords: podcast; radio; technology; gadgets
Downloads: 27
[audio]CuarteCom_Programa542 - Cuarte.Com - El Cibergallinero
Programa Numero 42 de la Quinta Temporada
Keywords: Barebone; Internet; gadgets; Linux
Downloads: 472
[image]App Launcher
windows 7 desktop gadgets - http://freewindows7gadgets.blogspot.com/
Keywords: windows 7; desktop; gadgets
Downloads: 4
[audio]TecnoCasters Episodio 12 - Juan D. Guevara Torres, Pedro Riveroll, Lorena Galan, Raul Mitre
Gadgets, Tecnologia y Deportes. Invitada Especial: Sharon Steinmetz
Keywords: Deportes; Gadgets; TecnoCasters
Downloads: 4
[unknown]Usenet groups within alt.tech-gadgets from giganews.com
Usenet newsgroups within "alt.tech-gadgets", contributed courtesy of giganews.com. These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: alt.tech-gadgets
Downloads: 4
[movies]theorycast.11 :: MacBook sneak peek - Kevin Lim
As quietly as Apple released the new MacBooks, I quietly show you a video walkthrough of it. This is really meant for folks who don't have an Apple Store close by but can't wait to see more of it. I feel your pain!
Keywords: macbook apple intel gadgets
Downloads: 153
[audio]Enxutocast Gadgets - Baile dos Enxutos
Gadgets dos Quadrinhos no Mundo Real
Keywords: Gadgets; quadrinhos; tecnologia
Downloads: 510
[audio]CuarteCom_Programa629 - Cuarte.Com - El Cibergallinero
Programa Numero 29 de la Sexta Temporada de Cuarte.Com - El Cibergallinero
Keywords: gadgets; windows; linux; apple
Downloads: 5,919
[movies]Spy Gadgets
Everything you need to spy. For more information, please visit: http://www.spyshop-911.com
Keywords: spy shop; spy gadgets
Downloads: 34
[movies]Welcome to the best gadgets website on the net! Electronic items and gadgets at affordable prices.
Visit http://www.electronicitems.com.au now! Are you interested in cool electronic gadgets? Find out everything you need to know right here!
Keywords: Electronic Items; best gadgets
Downloads: 41
[audio]Games And Gadgets Podcast 000 - Matthew Hall And Curtis Poad
This is just our intro, hence it being number 0
Keywords: Games And Gadgets
Downloads: 88
[audio]Hard Nippled Bites: Cum When Called - JessMG.
The first installment in a semi-regular explicit series about my fantasies with gadgets. http://atomicsex.net
Keywords: phonesex; erotica; fantasy; gadgets
Downloads: 577
[movies]CES 1991
Highlights from the annual winter Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas featuring new personal technology products. Guest's include T/Maker CEO Heidi Roizen. Originally broadcast in 1991.
Keywords: CES; consumer electronics; gadgets
Downloads: 4,721 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
http://www.therandomgadgetshop.com/Kindle Fire gadget a fantastic product from Amazon, is not yet another tablet that will be launched in the market. It's a feature packed capsule that has created a news well before its launching available in the market.
Keywords: GREEN APP GADGETS; GADGETS FINDER; FREE GADGETS; Gadgets decreases the work load; Gadgets are part of our life; Cool Tech Gift Ideas And Gadgets
Downloads: 27
[texts]Ten Great Widgets Sites - Rolly Lavapie
Ten great widgets sites
Keywords: widgets; gadgets; apps; scripts; online widgets; online gadgets
Downloads: 13
[audio]Liberatech Programa 19 Gadgets para papá y Reggae - León Ramos, Hiram Jaramillo
Programa de radio por Internet dedicado a difundir tecnologia que ayude a nuestro dia a dia. Platicando de Gadgets para papá y escuchando música de Reggae. http://liberatech.bligoo.mx
Keywords: Regalos geek; regalos papá; gadgets geek; gadgets para papá; reggae
Downloads: 22
[movies]The Tech Teachers Holiday Show (iPod video) - Ray
Keywords: video; holiday; gadgets; gifts; tech
Downloads: 3,330
[audio]Brothers Green Episode 28 - The Brothers Green
Surprise! We're a week early this time... Sethran sold a washer and dryer in my neck of the woods, so we decided, hey - why not?!? Here's this week's laundry list: * Professional Video Gaming - it's not just a dream anymore! * Microsoft announces their final 3rd quarter results... uh, they made money * The Browser Wars are back, thanks to 4 zealots known as Explorer Destroyer * Sony's updated the PSP firmware, yet again * Sony has come up with a new iPod/iTunes killer.....
Keywords: Technology; Computers; Entertainment; Gadgets; Movies
Downloads: 24
[audio]The Brothers Green: Episode 32 - The Brothers Green
Sethran has moved into his temporary apartment, so I managed to wrangle him into recording a new episode. See the effort I go to for you, our loving audience? Anyway, here's our list of topics for this show: Net Neutrality - big business hates it, you want it and Sethran gets up on his soap box... calling for you to annoy your senators. Here's where you can find more info: http://www.eff.org/congress/ And if you want to listen to a clueless Senator Stevens: http://www.publicknowledge.org/node/49...
Keywords: Technology; Computers; Gadgets; Movies; Entertainment
Downloads: 32
[audio]CuarteCom_Programa610 - Cuarte.Com - El Cibergallinero
Programa Número 10 de la Sexta Temporada de Cuarte.Com - El Cibergallinero
Keywords: Internet; gadgets; macword; steve; keynote
Downloads: 448
[audio]The Brothers Green: Episode 33 - The Brothers Green
It's our one year anniversary!!! Who'd have thought our attention span would have lasted this long? This is a special Mobile-cast. We recorded in Boz's car at Kroger using our portable mixer/recorder. We know the audio quality isn't quite as good as usual, but let us know what you think. Mobile-cast. Brought to you by creepy guys in cars everywhere. We cover the following for your enjoyment: Apple News and Rumors -- New Nano Next Month?? iTunes movie rentals?? If you love your news and want to w...
Keywords: Technology; Computers; Gadgets; Movies; Entertainment
Downloads: 25
[audio]NoShow - The Brothers Green
Seth & I have a little less free time this time of year, holidays and all, and didn't get a chance to hook up for a show this week. Additionally, we'll probably only record one more episode before the end of the year. Once the end of the year holidays have passed and things have settled back down to a more normal level, we'll be back to a weekly show. Until then, Happy Holidays!
Keywords: Technology; Computers; Gadgets; Movies; Entertainment
Downloads: 107
[audio]The Brothers Green: Episode 35 - The Brothers Green
Episode 35 turned out to be a little longer than normal, as we just break the thirty minute mark... but's it's just chocked full of Brothers Green goodness. And here's the info to prove it: Sony Mylo - if you want to help Sony rule the world and try to regain their "hip" factor, you'll want one of these Apple announced they are teaming up with the teamsters - Ford, GM & Mazda are all going to be including iPod integration with their 2007 line of vehicles The Opera browser for Nintendo's DS is sp...
Keywords: Technology; Computers; Gadgets; Movies; Entertainment
Downloads: 105
[audio]The Brothers Green: Episode 43 - The Brothers Green
We're back after a nice impromptu hiatus. We didn't really plan on taking six weeks between shows, it just didn't work out for us to actually get together long enough to record anything. Anyway, here's the latest episode's notes: News * Robert Adler, co-father of the wireless TV remote passed away this month. We salute you, Bob, for letting us all get fat and lazy! RIP Bobby! * Beer goggles have been scientifically proven to be true - TADA! * Bozric's found yet another useless USB gadget, the si...
Keywords: Technology; Computers; Entertainment; Gadgets; Movies
Downloads: 538
[audio]UberOddGeekPod#3 - UberOddGeek
Plane Crash in Toronto, we discuss one theory about the crash. A grim view on technology in society. Tobias mentions Dependency Walker, a free application for profiling Windows programs. Discussion on IE7 which leads into Firefox and Opera disussions, which leads into the discussion of "Microsoft's One Care" Ryan Mention's the Defcon convention and the Cisco router hacks that were demonstrated there.
Keywords: uberoddgeekpod tech routers computers gadgets
Downloads: 399
[audio]The Brothers Green: Episode 34 - The Brothers Green
This show was recorded using our Fostex recorder from the comfort of my upstairs' sectional... which actually caused more technical issues than when I hook up everything into my mac. Go figure. Anyway, here's this show's list of topics: Microsoft finally admits they're developing Zune Yahoo is now selling non-DRM mp3's and Seth bought one MPAA hoped Shawn Hogan, CEO of Digital Point Solutions, would settle for $2500 when they threatened him with a lawsuit...
Keywords: Technology; Computers; Gadgets; Movies; Entertainment
Downloads: 39
[audio]thEndUsr Episode 5: The Bee's Knees - thEndUsr
Chris, Charlie and Taylor, talking ACTA again, DRM, HTML 5 and Iron Man 2
Keywords: gadgets; technology; computers; podcast; internet
Downloads: 89
[audio]Brothers Green Episode 30 - The Brothers Green
We made it to Episode 30!!! And we appear to be back on some semblance of a schedule. We discuss the following for your listening pleasure: * Net Neutrality takes a hit - You can thank your local Republican * The Pirates Bay's Back - And there's gonna be trouble * Court Judge caught playing solitaire during a trial...Oops! * Gamers shoot people - In the FACE! * God saves his people, well, all except the stupid ones * Nintendo DS Lite: Seth has it, Boz wants it * Movies, Movies, Movies: Hoodwinke...
Keywords: Technology; Computers; Entertainment; Gadgets; Movies
Downloads: 32
[movies]RoboMop Meets iSight - TechToys Video Podcast
RoboMop cleans up the apartment while iSight watches on in amazement and attracts RoboMop's curiosity. Set to the tune "Student Debt Protest" by Simon of Havelock North, New Zealand. Pet safe (though maybe not iSight safe), RoboMop will help you clean up when things spillover.
Keywords: Technology; Japan; Gadgets; Norway; Robomop
Downloads: 156
[audio]Brothers Green Episode 29 - The Brothers Green
Hey - where have you guys been?!? We've been waiting on everyone to come back so we could do another episode. Glad you're all back! Here's our long overdue latest episode: * Net Neutrality and you... the government is actually trying to help us for once! * Symantec's AntiVirus Security Hole will leave you incredibly vulnerable. Use AVGFree instead! * Microsoft wants everyone to start using their new format, WMP, instead of JPGs, okay? * Pirates promise better copies of DaVinci Code and MI:3 by f...
Keywords: Technology; Computers; Entertainment; Gadgets; Movies
Downloads: 66
[audio]CuarteCom_Programa711 - Cuarte.Com El Cibergallinero
Cuarte.Com El Cibergallinero
Keywords: Gadgets; news; Android; HTC; Dream
Downloads: 3,697
[audio]The Brothers Green: Episode 37 - The Brothers Green
Hey - we finally have a new show ready for public consumption... and, no, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. We had so many problems trying to produce show #36 that we decided we would simply skip that one and go straight to #37. Ta Da! And here's our list of topics: Microsoft has released the Xbox Live Vision, a web cam peripheral for your beloved 360 Yahoo, after much success with the personalized DRM-free song, has decided to expand the concept to an actual album.....
Keywords: Technology; Computers; Gadgets; Movies; Entertainment
Downloads: 543
[movies]Hidden Gems of Macworld 2006
In this final video from Macworld, watch out for interesting product demos people might have missed, including the:1. TuneCenter from Griffin Technology (iPod media center for only $99!)2. World of Warcraft on a Duo Core iMac (aka WoW on Steroids!)3. MyVu - Personal Media Viewer (video goggles anyone?)4. G5 Bling from Wiebetech (Hack your own CPU stat display!)5. Google Earth + SketchUp plugin (Mapping Mashup!)6...
Keywords: macworld mwsf apple gadgets highlights
Downloads: 271
[audio]The Brothers Green: Episode 20 - The Brothers Green
Here we are at the big 2-Oh! It seems like just last week we were in our teens. Ah...good times. So, this week we discuss: * Blu-Ray Backed by Netflix and Porn * Avoid Intelliflix.com * LeiasMetalBikini.com * Warez Bust in Europe * Google Video Sucks * Microsoft still profitable * $6000 to boot Windows on Intel Macs, Red Hat gets you nothing Free * Sing it with me: Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, That's Our (almost) State Fish * Netgear Storage Central * DOA4 review Dead Or Alive 4 * Viewer Mail? No, but...
Keywords: Technology; Computers; Entertainment; Gadgets; Movies
Downloads: 109
[audio]The Brothers Green: Episode 38 - The Brothers Green
This episode is brought to you via the magic that is Skype and WireTap Pro - which is why the audio quality is, uh, different. Anyway, here are our topics for this show: * The latest Apple rumor is that they are, in time for Christmas this year, updating the MacBook Pro line to include the new Core2Duo processors - and Sethran rejoiced greatly * Some time next year, Daewoo will be selling a voice-activated microwave...
Keywords: Technology; Computers; Entertainment; Gadgets; Movies
Downloads: 545
[audio]The Brothers Green: Episode 39 - The Brothers Green
Show Number 39 - today is Sethran's Birthday. Happy Birthday to him. Here's the show notes: News * New Browsers Firefox 2.0 and IE 7 * Web Rage The Internet is all the rage, especially in Britian * Relakks Company in Sweden that lets you dial in & surf from overseas * Fried Coke Little tiny balls of fried coke goodness Tech Toy * uBreakUp.com When you're too lazy or spineless to break up with the one you (don't) love Movie (okay, so this one's a TV show) * Heroes -- Mondays at 9/8c on NBC The be...
Keywords: Technology; Computers; Entertainment; Gadgets; Movies
Downloads: 534
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